Love and Other Ecologies

Smoke-based sculptural projection and video mapping.
Musical accompaniment by The Scrapes.
Brisbane Fringe Festival 2014.
Brisbane, Australia.

"Love and Other Ecologies brings forward a blend of visual arts installation, immersive spatial practices, live art, sound art, music, theatrics/cinematics, 16mm film, projection, and the darkest of lit spaces to host your senses, your presence, and to trigger your thoughts or contemplations on love. This new work blends holistic curation with ecology, philosophy, performance, and immersive installation. Expect something akin to a reimagined Plato’s ‘Symposium’ as we present our interpretations of romantic love crossed with Icelandic winters, philosophical questioning, visual poetry, or ecology seen beside match lit intimacy. We are exploring, piecing it together, discovering, reflecting, and internalising the space and our experience in it."

Created and curated by Melody Woodnutt with a series of collaborators, this is the inaugural instalment of a 2 year series of studies that question love and the ecology or humanity within it.