Is an interactive installation which provides a window into faded memories of the past of British Columbia, Canada. Using touch-sensitive glass and video projection mapping, it seeks to explore how web-based narratives can be translated into site-specific sculptural work within a gallery setting. Through it, past and present are intertwined in a multi-channel juxtaposition of mood, mythology, and digital technology.

A salvaged wooden window frame is turned into three touch-sensitive panes of glass, which trigger a selection of video clips when activated. The viewer uses this interactive triptych to navigate an open-ended narrative film. The larger pane acts as the ‘screen’ while the smaller panels offer the user options of where to navigate next in the course of the piece. The touch sensitive glass is controlled via an Arduino micro controller chip, and the video sequencing is handled via Korsakow, a piece of software used for building interactive narratives.


Window Movie was produced as part of the Interchange Symposium on Digital Art at FLUX Gallery and gratefully acknowledges the support of the following sponsors: